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CEFALY Connected

The Bluetooth-enabled CEFALY Connected syncs with the CeCe Migraine Management app, allowing you to optimize your treatments by tracking them on your phone. With an intuitive design and improved, 7-hour battery life, the FDA-cleared CEFALY Connected is an essential part of your migraine toolkit.

  • Monitor your CEFALY treatment intensity, so you can find the stimulation level that works best for you

  • See session time remaining and battery life at a glance

  • Log ACUTE sessions to track treatment effectiveness

  • Download a PDF report with your unique migraine patterns and treatment data to share with your healthcare provider

Introducing the CeCe app

  • Real-time logging of migraine attacks and treatments.

  • Personalized interface that simplifies migraine tracking.

  • Individual insights, such as trends in triggers and timing.

  • Optional reminders to help you adhere to your treatment plan.

Clinically Proven Migraine Pain Relief and Prevention

CEFALY has been shown to resolve pain and other migraine symptoms without medication.

In the largest randomized clinical trial of e-TNS therapy for the treatment of migraine headache, approximately 70% of CEFALY users experienced migraine pain relief after 2 hours of treatment.1


of CEFALY users experienced migraine pain relief for 24 hours after 2 hours of treatment.


of patients saw resolution of their most bothersome symptom.


of patients saw resolution of their top 3 most bothersome symptoms (nausea, smell and light sensitivity).

Read clinical studies

How to get your CEFALY device from the VA

Step 1 illustration - woman cleaning her forehead

1 Make an appointment with your VA healthcare provider or neurologist.

Explain that you’re interested in trying CEFALY for drug-free migraine relief and prevention.

Step 2 illustration - opening the electrode pack

2 Your healthcare provider will send a consult to the hospital prosthetics department.

CEFALY Connected device for patient’s migraine treatment (item code: #10811)
CEFALY Standard Electrodes kit (item code: #11301) for Hypo-allergenic Electrodes kit (item code: #11302)
Send to CEFALY Technology at or call 1.844.475.7100

Step 3 illustration - woman aligning the electrode strip on her forehead

3 Receive your CEFALY kit.

Once the VA sends the purchase order to CEFALY, we'll ship your CEFALY kit.

When you receive your CEFALY, schedule a free session with a CEFALY Coach for one-on-one help with your device.

The Getting Started page will guide you through the basics of using CEFALY.

Get the CEFALY Connected. Gain new insight into your migraine treatment journey. The Bluetooth-enabled CEFALY Connected allows you to optimize your treatments by tracking them on your phone. Buy CEFALY now.

Small device. Big relief. How does CEFALY use eTNS therapy to prevent and relieve migraine pain?

See how it works
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[1] Kuruvilla, D.E., Mann, J.I., Tepper, S.J. et al. Phase 3 randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled Trial of e-TNS for the Acute treatment of Migraine (TEAM). Sci Rep 12, 5110 (2022).