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How Does CEFALY Work?

how does the CEFALY device work
One Device. Two Settings.


Use CEFALY at the onset of or during a migraine attack.


Use CEFALY daily.

Attach the CEFALY device to your forehead with the reusable self-adhesive electrode.

You will feel a tingling sensation created by tiny electrical impulses from the CEFALY device stimulating the trigeminal nerve.

Relief from an active migraine attack can be achieved in 60 minutes with CEFALY.

Daily 20 minute preventative treatment sessions can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine symptoms.

The CEFALY device will turn off automatically at the end of your session.

Woman using her cefaly device

What Does CEFALY Feel Like?

At the start of a treatment, you may feel nothing or a slight tingling sensation, almost like your hair standing on end. The sensation or tingling feeling increases gradually and spreads through your forehead and the front part of your head. After about 14 minutes, the intensity stabilizes and remains constant until your treatment session is over.


How Do You Use Your CEFALY Device?

Step 1 illustration - woman cleaning her forehead

1 Cleanse Your Skin

It's important to cleanse your skin before every CEFALY treatment session. This will help ensure the electrode attached securely to your forehead.

  • Use soap and water to wash between and above your eyebrows. Afterward, be sure to dry your skin thoroughly.
  • The use of makeup removing products is NOT recommended as a substitute for soap and water.
Step 2 illustration - opening the electrode pack

2 Opening the Electrode

Open the electrode packet and slide out the plastic sleeve, then peel off the electrode.

Step 3 illustration - woman aligning the electrode strip on her forehead

3 Position the Electrode

Use a mirror to place the Electrode so the curved area is in between your eyebrows and the wings are just above your eyebrows. Firmly run your fingers over the Electrode a few times until it lays flat against your skin.

Step 4 illustration - woman removing the electrode strip from her forehead

4 Connect Your Device

On the back of your CEFALY DUAL Enhanced, you'll find two small magnetic contacts, designed to securely attach to the Electrode (the contact in the center connects to the charging dock). Hold your device so these magnets are exposed and bring it toward your forehead. You'll feel the device pulling itself toward the Electrode.

Once your device is securely attached to the Electrode on your forehead, you're ready to select either the ACUTE program or the PREVENT program.

You control your CEFALY treatment intensity. It should never be painful and treating your migraine at a lower intensity is effective and perfectly normal. For some, CEFALY is immediately effective. For others, it may take weeks for your treatment sessions to produce the results you’re seeking.


Treat the Root Cause of Migraine Pain with CEFALY

Woman applying her cefaly device

Most migraines involve the trigeminal nerve, the largest and most complex cranial nerve. The top branch of the trigeminal nerve can be accessed through the skin on the forehead.

An External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation device (e-TNS), CEFALY sends tiny electrical impulses through a self-adhesive electrode placed on the forehead to stimulate the trigeminal nerve, reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.

Review CEFALY’s clinical studies

Woman using her cefaly device

The Next Addition to Your Migraine Toolkit

CEFALY works as a primary migraine treatment or a supplement to an existing regimen.