Treat the Root Cause of Migraine Pain with CEFALY

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Most migraines involve the trigeminal nerve, the largest and most complex cranial nerve. The top branch of the trigeminal nerve can be accessed through the skin on the forehead.

An External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation device (e-TNS), CEFALY sends tiny electrical impulses through a self-adhesive electrode placed on the forehead to stimulate the trigeminal nerve, reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.

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Calm the storm at its source

CEFALY stops migraine pain where it begins: in the cranial nerves.

During a migraine attack, your nervous system is on red alert. CEFALY uses gentle stimulation to calm the trigeminal nerve: the main pathway for migraine pain. Feel the headache fade away - and your other symptoms, too. When you use CEFALY's PREVENT mode daily, the trigeminal nerve becomes less sensitive over time, so you experience fewer attacks. That means fewer days stuck in a dark room. More days to do what you love.

CEFALY works by targeting the primary pathway for migraine pain: the trigeminal nerve. It uses external trigeminal nerve stimulation (eTNS) — a precise electrical impulse — to stimulate and desensitize the trigeminal nerve over time.

People with migraine have hypersensitive nervous systems that over-react to stimuli, causing pain and neurological dysfunction. The trigeminal nerve — a multi-branched nerve in the head and face — is the major conductor of migraine pain.

20 years of research. One remarkable device. The original and only FDA-cleared eTNS migraine treatment. Outsmart Your Migraine: Sync CEFALY with the CeCe app to track migraine patterns and fine-tune your treatments. Prevent Attacks Before They Begin: Add the 20-minute PREVENT session to your evening routine for long-term migraine prevention. Interrupt Migaine Pain Signals: Use the 60-minute ACUTE program to relieve symptoms at the first sign of an attack.
7 hour battery life. One button operation. Bluetooth connectivity. Safe & soothing stimulation. No prescription needed.

What does the science say?

of patients in one study saw a significant reduction in headache pain after one hour of treatment. (ACME study)
of patients in one study said CEFALY resolved their most bothersome symptom. (TEAM study)
of CEFALY users in one study saw their migraine days reduced by half — or more — with compliant use. (PREMICE study)
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CEFALY's mission is to use technology to solve the persistent problem of migraine pain. For us, it's a personal quest. Many of us — including our CEO — live with migraine. We know firsthand how migraine makes life smaller. Darker. Lonelier.

CEFALY empowers people to take charge of their treatment and feel better, for longer, without the harmful side effects of medication.

So get out there. Raise the blinds. Live your one and only beautiful life.

We're with you.

Recommended by healthcare professionals

"My patients regularly tell me that CEFALY takes the edge off migraine, enabling them to get back to their daily routine. Now available over the counter, CEFALY is much more accessible for patients without needing a prescription from their clinician.”

Deena E. Kuruvilla, M.D.

“CEFALY has really answered that call for many of my patients. It’s fantastic that it works as a preventative and an acute option, sometimes eliminating the need for multiple drug prescriptions.”

Stephanie Vertrees, MD

“I have been using CEFALY devices in my clinical practice for a few years now both as migraine prophylaxis as well as one of the acute/rescue options. I am very pleased with the results.”

Alexander Feoktistov, MD

“CEFALY efficacy data in our real world practice are not only replicated, but safe. The CEFALY DUAL is an effective abortive and preventive therapy as monotherapy and as well as combined.”

James A Charles, MD, FAAN, FAHS

“I LOVE the CEFALY device! It is so helpful to have a non-invasive and non-medication way to improve a headache. My patients and my headache clinic team alike love having this option in our toolbox to beat a migraine.”

Lara Koral

How to get the best results with CEFALY

You’re in control. Briefly press the device button anytime during the first 14 minutes of a session to stabilize the intensity when you feel a strong vibration or stimulation sensation that is not painful.

Find your sweet spot: a stimulation level that’s comfortable for you and effective for migraine. You don’t need to reach full intensity to benefit from treatment with CEFALY.

Because CEFALY is a therapeutic device, you should pause your usual activities during treatments. We recommend using CEFALY while sitting or reclining, with the head tilted back.

Just as it takes more than two or three workouts to build muscles, it takes more than just a few sessions with CEFALY to change the behavior of the trigeminal nerve. Consistent, daily use is required.

If you’re not satisfied, you can return the device for a refund within 90 days.

Your CEFALY works with gel electrodes that can be reused several times. When the electrodes dry out or become dirty, they must be replaced.

Use the free CeCe Migraine Management app to record your CEFALY sessions, set treatment reminders and log migraine attacks. CeCe syncs with the CEFALY Connected to show you session intensity and time remaining.

Get the CEFALY Connected. Gain new insight into your migraine treatment journey. The Bluetooth-enabled CEFALY Connected allows you to optimize your treatments by tracking them on your phone. Buy CEFALY now.

4 interest-free payments or as low as $38.27/mo with . Learn more

Small device. Big relief. How does CEFALY use eTNS therapy to prevent and relieve migraine pain?

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