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Safe and Effective
eTNS Migraine

Learn how CEFALY
prevents and relieves
migraine pain.

Experience a drug-free migraine treatment today

Get back to life with CEFALY: the FDA-cleared migraine treatment device that can relieve pain and give you more migraine-free days. With no prescription needed, this simple-to-use medical device targets the trigeminal nerve to treat acute migraine attacks quickly and prevent future episodes.

CEFALY is safe and effective, with no serious adverse side effects reported in any clinical study. At last, you can treat migraine without the forgetfulness, grogginess, and other bothersome side effects that come with some medications.

Don't let migraine keep you from doing the things you love! Order CEFALY today.

Migraine pain relief and prevention in one device

Worn on the forehead, CEFALY uses a mild electric current (e-TNS) to stimulate and desensitize the trigeminal nerve, the primary pathway for migraine pain.

With CEFALY, you’re in control of your migraine treatment:

  • Use the ACUTE treatment mode to relieve pain at the first sign of a migraine attack.

  • Use the PREVENT treatment mode daily to decrease migraine frequency.

  • Optimize your treatments by tracking sessions on the CeCe app with the Bluetooth-enabled CEFALY Connected.

Real reviews, from real people

I thought it was another quick money grab - but it works.
I have been using Cefaly daily for almost 3 years now and have really had tremendous progress.
It's great.
Migraines for decades..Tried Cefaly (used daily) and went from 10+ migraines per month, to ZERO migraine in 46 days!!!
I have been using Cefaly daily for 7 months, and my headaches are remarkably improved.
I am no longer disabled by the misery of migraine.
Amazing!! It solved my headache problems!!
Significantly reducing number of migraines.
I am grateful to have Cefaly in my arsenal as another tool to fight migraines.
It works at removing headache.
The cefaly device has reduced the frequency and severity of the attacks better than anything else I've tried.
I love it!
I travel often and don’t ever want to be without my CEFALY so I bought a second one for traveling.
Surprised that I started having fewer symptoms in the first week.
I was very skeptical, but I've been using it about a month now and can definitely tell my migraines are better.
I love my cefaly so much.
After two months of daily usage in preventive mode, I honestly think Cefaly helps with the severity of my migraines.
The shipping was very fast.
Shipping is very good.
I order the CEFALY about 6 months ago and it has drastically reduced the frequency and severity of my migraines. I recommend it to people A LOT.
This is my second cefaly. I think it is a powerful tool to treat migraines.
I have referred Cefaly to all my friends suffering from migraines. It has been an absolute game changer for me.
Helps with my migraine pain.
I am really impressed by cefaly.
This device has been an absolute game changer. I used it for one week and immediately saw a decrease in my migraines.
Shipped fast.
Bought for a friend. She loves it!
After a lifetime of migraines, my new neurologist took me off medications and recommended Cefaly instead. I've used it now for 2+ years and it's dramatically reduced the frequency and intensity of my migraines.
Good service, easy to order.
I have chronic migraine and could not live without my Cefaly
Love it can’t imagine life without it now
I genuinely feel hope. I have been feeling good the last 2 weeks which is an improvement for me.
My electrodes are delivered in an expeditious manner. They are always on time!
Love it.
I am very happy with it. It gives a good massage in my head. It's relaxing.
After only 90 days of using Cefaly I have drasticly reduced the number of migraines I suffer from.
Works great.
I have suffered from migraines since I was 10 years old. I have tried everything, absolutely everything. Nothing ever came close to the success I’ve had with Cefaly
So far it has helped tremendously.
Cefaly customer service great.
This device has been a life changer. I'm so glad my neurologist recommended it. It's definitely worth the price.
I’ve been using Cefaly for 12 yrs or more and it’s a life saver.
It's worth the investment!!!
My migraines can get pretty intense and this device helps knock the headache out for me within the hour!
I love the Cefaly! I have suffered from migraines all my life and for me the results were immediate.
Top notch!
when I feel migraine coming on, I take my ibuprofen and put this device on, lay down for about 45 minutes, and I feel like a different person. This is definitely a product I would recommend to anybody who suffering from headaches or migraines.
My Cefaly Connected unit is a very integral part of my migraine treatment regimen.
Great product. I’ve used it for years and it’s a useful tool in the continuing Migraine fight.
Love my Cefaly! It’s another important and reliable weapon in my battle with chronic migraine!
Nice service. Thank you.
Love the cefaly has really decreased my pain.
I've been using cefaly for 10+ years! I've had chronic daily migraines for all those years & many more before I found it.
I haven't had a migraine in 3 weeks!
Love it! The service is fantastic and all the extra support is there if you need it.
I love it and it really works to get rid of my migraines.
I've tried absolutely everything and this is the one thing that has made a noticeable difference in my number of migraine days and the severity of the ones I do get.
Cefaly is truly a lifeline with Migraine.
Cefaly connected definitely helps alleviate acute migraine pain. It also helps with getting back to sleep when awoken by a migraine.
I have used different versions of this device for many years. It is effective as a preventative device and also for actress migraine attacks. Strongly recommend.
I love my Cefaly. It doesn't take my headache away completely, but it dulls it enough that it's tolerable.
Game changer!!
It helped me a lot with my pain!
I'm so happy with my device! I've been doing the preventive mode since day one and have seen amazing results.
With the migraine attacks, it attenuates part of the pain, depending on the levels. I recommend 100%!
Cefaly has improved my quality of life tremendously.
I was very skeptical that this would bring me any relief! But I am happy and thankful to report that my chronic migraines have decreased by 90%.
Cefaly is one of the best things I have found to help relieve my migraines.
I've been using Cefaly daily for almost 2 months, and it has reduced both frequency and severity of migraines by at least 50%. I have a life again.
I have been using Cefaly for 3 years and it has been a game changer. I finally have something that can stop a migraine in its tracks.

Trusted to relieve migraine pain since 2008

CEFALY has treated more than 2 billion migraine attacks to date. Multiple clinical trials have shown that CEFALY is an effective, safe and drug-free migraine treatment with minimal side effects.

79 percent

of CEFALY users saw migraine pain relief following one hour of ACUTE treatment. 32% of CEFALY users saw pain freedom.

38.1 percent

of CEFALY users saw at least a 50% reduction in migraine days following daily use of PREVENT treatment.

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Recommended by healthcare professionals

"My patients regularly tell me that CEFALY takes the edge off migraine, enabling them to get back to their daily routine. Now available over the counter, CEFALY is much more accessible for patients without needing a prescription from their clinician.”

Deena E. Kuruvilla, M.D.

“CEFALY has really answered that call for many of my patients. It’s fantastic that it works as a preventative and an acute option, sometimes eliminating the need for multiple drug prescriptions.”

Stephanie Vertrees, MD

“I have been using CEFALY devices in my clinical practice for a few years now both as migraine prophylaxis as well as one of the acute/rescue options. I am very pleased with the results.”

Alexander Feoktistov, MD

“CEFALY efficacy data in our real world practice are not only replicated, but safe. The CEFALY DUAL is an effective abortive and preventive therapy as monotherapy and as well as combined.”

James A Charles, MD, FAAN, FAHS

“I LOVE the CEFALY device! It is so helpful to have a non-invasive and non-medication way to improve a headache. My patients and my headache clinic team alike love having this option in our toolbox to beat a migraine.”

Lara Koral

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