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Cefaly is for patients who need an acute migraine treatment as well as a migraine prophylaxis because they have three or more migraine attacks per month.

A session with the acute setting lasts one hour. It must be used during the migraine attack and may be repeated for a second 60-minute session if the migraine pain is not relieved within two hours, or if another migraine attack occurs.

A session with the prevent setting lasts 20-minutes. It must be used daily and may be done at any time throughout the day, though an evening session is preferred.

The Prevent setting is for patients who have frequent migraine attacks (more than three per month) and are in need of migraine prophylaxis. It must be used daily.

The Acute setting is intended for the acute treatment of migraine and must be used during a migraine attack. It may be repeated the same day if the migraine pain has not been relieved within two hours or if another migraine attack occurs.

If at any moment you feel the intensity is too strong for you, simply press the button to stabilize the intensity or you can even remove the device to stop the session.

Yes, by pressing and holding the button you can quickly ramp up to a desired intensity level. This can be repeated until the maximum intensity has been reached.

An electrode with a magnetic connection is used with the Cefaly. One regular electrode can be reused up to 20 sessions (recommended number of uses for Blue Gel electrodes is 10).

Before applying the electrode, the skin on the forehead should always be cleaned and degreased thoroughly with soap and water. As long as the electrode adheres well to the skin on the forehead, it can be used.

Once the session ends, the electrode should be stuck back onto its clear plastic backing sheet and stored in its pouch.

Do not leave the electrode unpackaged in a dry place. It will lose its hydration and will no longer function properly. A few drops of water from the tap on the electrode gel will rehydrate it and help prolong its use.

The battery operating life is ranging from 5 to 10 hours of stimulation depending on the program used for each session.

If the Cefaly emits a long beep when you press the button, this means the battery charge is too low and you must re-charge it for at least 5 minutes to be able to get one session.

The sensation produced by Cefaly is strange and unusual, but most people get used to it quickly after a few sessions. However some people are more sensitive and may find the sensation produced by the Cefaly painful. If this is the case for you, simply press the button during the session when the sensation becomes slightly uncomfortable to limit its intensity.

Only 1.25% of patients cannot stand the sensation produced by Cefaly and therefore are unable to carry out the treatment properly.

  • Recent brain or facial trauma (less than 3 months).
  • Skin abrasion on the forehead in the area of application of the electrode.
  • Allergy to acrylate.
  • Cutaneous hypersensitivity: +/- 5% of people present a hypersensitivity of the forehead skin and do not tolerate the sensation induced by the Cefaly® Dual.
  • Implanted electronic device in the head.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Ophthalmic shingles.

Pregnant women can use the Cefaly without fear. The device is often recommended to replace medication that pregnant women cannot consume

The Cefaly device is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase. Keep your invoice or till receipt safe as this is your proof of purchase and the date marked on it shall be deemed the date of purchase.

This 3-year guarantee does not cover accessories such as batteries, electrodes and preparation products ("Prepare"), nor any damage resulting from the device being struck, dropped or damaged in any other way that may prevent it from working properly. Devices that have a cracked, broken or bent box or a box that shows signs of physical damage shall therefore not be covered by the guarantee. This also applies to devices that have had their contact parts bent or crushed by force.

During the guarantee period, the device may, depending on the severity of the fault, either be repaired free of charge via an approved repairer or replaced.

CEFALY Technology SPRL offers a satisfaction guarantee on the CEFALY device and products purchased from

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The Cefaly is not currently eligible for reimbursement from Social Security. However, it seems like more and more health insurances, will reimburse some, or all, of the cost of Cefaly on a case-by-case basis.

We suggest that you send a letter to your health insurance company asking for their financial participation. Tell them about your migraine issues and how Cefaly could improve your situation. Make sure to enclose a copy of your prescription, as well as a copy of the invoice, when you send your letter.

Management of my order

The delivery time changes from one country to another. In order to have more information about the average delivery time in your country please contact us by email at with the country where you’d like to receive your order.

Cefaly devices are delivered by courier. If nobody is home when the courier calls, a note will be placed in your letter box. This will tell you how to contact the courier to arrange re-delivery of your parcel at a convenient time. When you place your order, you can also choose a delivery address where you know someone will be available to receive it (workplace, parents' address, etc.). Orders for electrodes and other accessories are sent via the post and therefore do not need anyone to be present to sign for the parcel.

We accept various forms of payment:

  • Credit card: Visa, Mastercard or American Express
  • Paypal
  • Check

The payment stage is not completed on the Cefaly website, but instead on a specialist banking website: "Ogone". This is one of the largest and most efficient operators in Europe. We have never received any complaints relating to any problems with Ogone.

CEFALY creates all of our products with great care. However, if you happen to experience an issue with your order, contact us within 14 days of receipt of your order, via email: or phone us via tel: +32 43676722 for us to best assist you. We are unable to assist with any customer service issues regarding your order once the 14 day period has passed from the time the customer received their delivery.

All original packaging should be retained. Electrodes must not be used/opened, or discarded, until the issue is fully resolved. No credits/refunds/exchanges will be possible if the order is used/partially used, during or before the complaint resolution stage.