Meet CEFALY DUAL Enhanced

June 15, 2021

Discover the Natural Evolution of Migraine Treatment: CEFALY DUAL Enhanced

Meet the CEFALY DUAL Enhanced. Our new device comes with all the trusted features of the original CEFALY DUAL, including the familiar functionality that's been clinically proven to relieve and prevent migraine attacks, as well as some highly anticipated enhancements.

CEFALY DUAL Enhanced offers a superior user experience including:

  • Elevated visual feedback,

  • Improved device-to-electrode connectivity,

  • A convenient Electrode storage bag.

Upgraded Design

Right out of the box, you’ll see that the CEFALY DUAL Enhanced features:

  • A more modern, sleeker design than its predecessor

  • A much more prominent button that encompasses nearly the entirety of the device face. While the button itself functions in the same way as on the original CEFALY Dual, its can’t-miss design makes for easier operation.

User-Friendly Improvements

One bit of feedback we heard from CEFALY DUAL users was:

  • The LED indicator light could be larger. So, that’s exactly what we did when designing the CEFALY DUAL Enhanced. We also introduced additional colors to better communicate various treatment settings and battery charge status.

  • We heard the connection between your CEFALY device and Electrode needs to be stronger. We’ve optimized the electrode design and strengthened the magnet. 

  • We’ve included three Electrodes so that you have everything you need to experience drug-free migraine relief and prevention.

Whether you’re new to CEFALY, or an active user of the CEFALY DUAL, we think you’ll see that using the new CEFALY DUAL Enhanced is the future of drug-free migraine treatment and prevention.

Learn more about the CEFALY DUAL Enhanced and discover the future of migraine relief.

* The CEFALY DUAL Enhanced is only available in the U.S. 

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