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Migraine Stories

You're not alone! Learn how others are experiencing migraines.

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Marcella: Cefaly is extraordinarily useful

"You’ll have to pry my Cefaly out of my cold dead hands because once I have a migraine and have my Cefaly on, it drastically ...

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Barbara: CEFALY is a ‘Remarkable Breakthrough’

Barbara suffers from CADASIL and migraines and finds the Cefaly device to be incredibly helpful to manage her head pain.

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Migraine Patients Find Success With CEFALY. Hear Meli...

Melissa was diagnosed with migraine in 2019, after experiencing “the most excruciating pain I’ve ever had.” CEFALY gave h...

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Lori: I am thankful my neurologist looks outside of t...

Find out why Lori is thankful that her neurologist looked outside of the pharmaceutical box to offer other suggestions.

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Sofiya: CEFALY is the best solution for my migraines

Sofiya's migraines would not respond to any medication treatment, then she found CEFALY. Check out her migraine story.

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Katie: CEFALY Is Life Changing

Katie was a guest on Good Morning America, where she discussed how CEFALY helps her migraines. Click here to learn more about...

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Tom: CEFALY Has Worked Wonders

First Name: Tom Age: 73 Location: Livingston, NJ Years with Migraines: 60 Occupation: Retired (from marketing) How long ha...

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Lisa: I fell in love with Cefaly

Lisa's dad read about the Cefaly device in a magazine and told his daughter right away.

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Kelly: CEFALY Is “life-changing”

First Name: Kelly Age: 31 Location: Farmingdale, NY Years with Migraines: 23 Occupation: Epic application specialist How long ...

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Carol: Cefaly has given me my life back

Carol's migraines were so unbearable she had to go on disability but after she found the Cefaly device she discovered tremendou...